Frequently Asked Questions

Natural Aqua Gel is a gentle and safe exfoliator made with 91% activated hydrogen water. It contains no strong acids such as glycolic acid or fruit acids. Instead, its ingredients interact with proteins to gently capture and remove dead skin cells from your skin’s surface. Because Natural Aqua Gel contains no fragrances, colorings, preservatives or mineral oils that can irritate your skin, it can be safely used with confidence in the comfort of your home.

For facial use, we recommend using Natural Aqua Gel one or two times a week.

Wash face and dry completely. Pump the nozzle 3 to 5 times to obtain the appropriate amount of gel onto your fingertips and apply to the desired area. Leave on skin for a few moments allowing the gel to react with the dead skin cells. Gently massage in circular motion for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Do not rub too hard. The gel will turn in to a milky white color, and beads of dead skin cells can be seen as they are lifted off the skin. Rinse well with water and then follow your regular skincare routine.

YES! Natural Aqua Gel is very gentle and works anywhere on your body. Enjoy making your entire body nice and soft!

As a guideline, use Natural Aqua Gel once or twice a week, adjusting depending on your skin’s condition. Please make sure not to rub too hard when using itl. No matter how gentle a product is, harsh scrubbing or rubbing can irritate your skin.

Natural Aqua Gel should only be used on clean, dry skin. It will not work effectively if your skin is wet, or if there is foundation, lotion or oil remaining on your skin.

Also note that effectiveness can be limited if your hands or face are cold. Please store Natural Aqua Gel away from direct sunlight.

Customer Reviews

I have a bone to pick with exfoliating products. All the ones I've tried in the past have been either too harsh or not harsh enough. And with the recently passed Microbeads ban, finding one that's both economically friendly and effective for my oily skin has been even more of a struggle. But my true-to-life Goldilocks moment occurred when I came across the wonder that is Cure's Natural Aqua Gel. It neither felt like I was scrubbing off a layer of skin nor like I was simply using a glorified cleanser: It was jusssssst right.
My Friends Call Me ‘Babyface’ Thanks to This Japanese Exfoliator. For our Made in Japan week, writer Jinnie Lee introduced us to the joys of this Japanese facial exfoliator. The most satisfying part of using it, she says, is when “the gel will start to shed … much like the way pencil erasers leave those squiggly rubbings behind (it’s similar to a foot peel in that way).” Ever since using it, she says, her “skin has felt softer, fresher, and even more youthful — never dried out or tight.”
My skin's general appearance is more even and clear after two years of consistent use. Not only am I regularly complimented on my overall face smoothness, but I occasionally insist on having complete strangers come and stroke my cheek so they can confirm its smoothness for themselves. One day, I assume this will lead to a date. Which is why, in addition to being a great treatment, I can also recommend it as a fantastic way to break the ice at your next social engagement.